Newlywed Planning

The investment in preparing your marriage foundation with proper legal planning can save a heartache if the marriage fails or when one spouse dies.

Planning for a Marriage is a big ordeal with many details to attend to.  With all of the excitement, the last  thing a happy couple wants to think about is the possibility that the marriage could end up in divorce.  But sometimes, despite all best efforts, a marriage does fail.   40-50% of all marriages in the United States will end in a legal separation. 

Whether this is your first marriage or especially a second marriage, if you are entering the marriage with any assets, it is wise to consider newlywed  planning.

Newlywed planning isn’t just about creating a Virginia premarital  agreement, although that is certainly one strategy to consider.  Newlywed planning goes hand in hand with estate planning, because other strategies involve setting up a separate property trust to segregate property that a spouse enters the marriage with.  It may even provide the couple with asset protection that can give them both peace of mind. 

Really, newlywed planning is about being proactive in getting your legal and financial house in order.   Couples are able to talk about financial issues in a neutral  environment, and can establish guidelines so as to avoid future financial misunderstandings.

If you are in a second marriage, or if either you or your spouse has children from a prior marriage, it is particularly  important for you to have a solid estate plan.  At Pennington Law, PLC  we are experienced with this type of “blended family” planning and sensitive to  the issues that it raises.

For example, in families with children from prior relationships, or if you and your spouse have different beneficiaries,  your estate planning goals may conflict.   The creation of a revocable living trust will help to  ensure that your wishes are carried out and that your children and other loved  ones are protected.